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ROI is a Spanish manufacturer for high class F3P and AM planes designed by Andres Leoni.

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Apex pro

Apex pro

The new F3P pattern design from Andres Leoni, Spanish champion F3P made by ROI Import. Fully milled in the "box".

Apex pro More Details
-Span: 840mm
-Length: 940mm
-Mass: 98-120 depending on equipment

-Motor: AXi 2203/52
-Controller: CC TB 06. CC Phoenix 10
-Battery: 2s 180mah G3 Hyperion
-Servos: 3x JR DS318 / ES316 (or similar)

Price: € 104.95

Sukhoi 29 4D

Sukhoi 29 4D

A new design from Andres Leoni, Spanish indoor champion; the result is Sukhoi 29, very agile, range speed from slow flight phase to hard and fast flight phase. Characteristics:
- Low weight.
- Ready for normal propellers or VPP systems.
- Keep the strongest of airframe for support big fort in 4d flying.
- Design for every customers than wish make 4d easy and without problems.

Sukhoi 29 4DMore Details
- Cut parts of DepronAero
- Carbon
- Mountingset

-Span: 840mm
-Length: 865 mm
-Wingarea: -- dmĀ²
-Mass: 120-150 gram depending on equipment

-Motor: AXI 2203/46 / AXi 2203/RACE / AXI 2203-40 (4D)
-Controller: ESC 6 or ESC 10 or TB 06 or TB 09
-Battery: 240mah - 450 mah 2s
-Servos: JR DS318 / ES316 or Futaba S3114 (or similar)

Price: € 75.00