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How to order

You can place an order by e-mail or by the contact form on this site.

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Upon receipt of your order Rplanes will send you a pro-forma invoice by e-mail. On this pro-forma invoice, you get overview of what is ordered, quantity, price, shipping costs and the expected delivery date (depending on current stock status).

If you agree with what is shown on the pro-forma invoice, accept the Term and Conditions and you want to finalyze the order, you can make it final by making the payment. By making payment the order will be binding. Upon receipt of your payment we will accept your order and handle according to what is stated on the pro-forma invoice.

Rplanes currently only accepts advance payment per bank. In time we will introduce paymentmethods such as Paypal and iDEAL.

Shipping and delivery
We send mainly to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, England, Danmark, Italy, Austria, Spain and Sweden. Other European countries are also possible on request. We do not send outside Europe because of high transport costs and inadequate transport insurance.

For shipping we generaly use TNT. We send only with insured shipping. Maximum insured value per shipment is Euro 500. If the value is exceeded, the shipment (if possible) will be split into multiple shipments.

The shipping costs are depending on destination and on the order amount.

Country Order below Euro 150 Order above Euro 150
Netherlands Euro 7,95 Euro 4,95
Belgium Euro 10,95 Euro 7,95
Luxembourg Euro 10,95 Euro 7,95
Austria Euro 12,95 Euro 8,95
Danmark Euro 12,95 Euro 8,95
France Euro 12,95 Euro 8,95
Germany Euro 12,95 Euro 8,95
Italy Euro 12,95 Euro 8,95
Spain Euro 12,95 Euro 8,95
Sweden Euro 12,95 Euro 8,95
United Kingdom Euro 12,95 Euro 8,95

* Rates as per 01-11-2008, subject to changes. Rates don’t include shipping to islands.

Upon receipt of the goods you must make sure there is no visible damage to the packaging before you accept and sign for receipt. In apparent damage or doubtful whether the content is damaged you should not accept the package, but return it with the transporter. If it appears that the package is not visible damaged on the outside, but inside you notify Rplanes directly, but no later than within 24 hours
after receipt of the package. Notification has to be a written notice in order to be entitled to transport insurance coverage if applicable.

Warranty and Returns
The (factory) warranty varies by product/brand, depending on the warranty claim that Rplanes can make to the manufacturer. Warranty claims have to be made in written notice to Rplanes. Rplanes will contact you and inform you about the factory warranty and possible claims.

In the case of a (factory) warranty issue the product will be repaired or replaced. In the situation that it’s not possible to repair or replace the purchase amount will be reimbursed. Transport costs are settled by mutual agreement between the buyer and Rplanes. Rplanes has the decisive role, but will handle in all reasonableness of the failure and assess which compensation is applied.

If the product was ordered specifically by the buyer and this is not a standard article (nb. no standard item held in stock) or the article is adapted to the personal wishes of the buyer (custom, colors, own specifications etc) it is not possible to return the product in any way after it has been ordered and paid. There will be a clearly indication on the pro-forma invoice that return in this case is not applicable.

Other returns are possible if within 5 working days after receipt of the goods Rplanes is notified in writing and the product is send back completely, undamaged, unused and in the original packaging. The cost for return shipment are for buyers account. The return shipping must be at all times insured shipping. Rplanes is not liable for the non-arrival of returns if sent uninsured. After receiving the return Rplanes will determine whether the products are complete, undamaged, unused and in the state in which it has been sold. If this is the case a refund will be made for 70% of the sales value of the product (excluding shipping costs). The difference is regarded as handling and restocking fees.

Safety warning & liability
Our products have the possibility to the infliction of serious physical injury or damage to objects if misused. Improper use includes improper installation / construction / assembly of our products, unappropriate or dangerous flight behavior or use of our products and use of our products in violation of the locally applicable safety regulations. Rplanes is in no form responsible or liable for the use of our products.

Rplanes seeks to ensure that the prices displayed on the website up to date. However, it is possible that a modified purchase or sale price or the exchange rate can deviate. On the pro-forma invoice you will always find the actual price.

Using the website
The website of Rplanes are covered by copyright. Use of images or texts written without written permission is not permitted. Rplanes seeks to ensure that the information on the website is accurate and current. It remains possible that an inaccuracy is stated. Rplanes is in no form responsible or liable for inaccuracies.

Rplanes respects the privacy of all users of its site and shall ensure that the personal information you give us will be treated confidentially. We use your information to process the orders as quickly and easily possible. Rplanes will only share your personal information to third parties involved in the execution of your order. For the rest, we will use personal information only with your permission.

Terms and conditions
On all transactions with Rplanes are our Terms and Conditions applicable. The Terms and Conditions can be found by clicking in the menu above to Terms and Conditions. Above is a further elaboration or explanation about certain aspects of the Terms and Conditions and other relevant matters for ordering from Rplanes. Completeness sake, we refer you to the full text of the Terms and Conditions.