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Topmodel Viking 3D

The Viking designed by Nicolas PIETU, made from 50% in EPP - 50% in Gediplac foam, is an indoor plane intended for the aerobatics 3D and freestyle. This plane is very suited for "beginner" pilots in 3D/Freestyle.

It is the result of a simple report: The front of our planes ages considerably more quickly than the rest of the airframe! Two populations of pilots are particularly concerned: 3D aerobatics pilots which take all the risks (No Risk, No Fun!) and the beginners who, sometimes without wanting it, take also many risks ; -)

This is why the Viking has the fuselage and the nose entirely in EPP. With his enormous fin air-brake, the Viking could be slow and easy to control. Without this air-brake, the Viking is much more " malicious" and becomes a frightening machine for the Free Style thanks to its over sized control surfaces.

- EPP fuselage
- Airbrake, wings and tails: printed Gediplac laser CNC cut
- Landing gear: carbon rod Ø1,2mm
- Braces: carbon rod Ø1,2mm
- Ailerons controls: carbon rod Ø1,2mm
- Elevator and rudder controls/ pul-pull cables
- Hardware: motor mount, horns, X'Lite wheels, shrinking tube, ...)
- Step by step illustrated building manual

-Span: 800mm
-Length: 850mm
-Wingarea: 17dm²
-Mass: 120-150g depending on equipment

-Motor: AXi 2203/46 or Axi 2203-52
-Controller: ESC 10 or or TB 09
-Battery: 450 2S 20C Extreme Power Batteries
-Servos: 3x EP 6.0 or JR DS318 / ES316 (or similar)

Price: € 69.00