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Graupner YAK55M by Gernot Bruckmann

The famous YAK55 by Gernot Bruckmann is now available by Graupner in fancy kit version for a great price! Award winning freestyle model with Gernot for e.g. ETOC2009.

The model makes a superb indoor aerobatic aeroplane. The airframe is very light, with excellent torsional andbending stiffness thanks to the injection-moulded brace connecting piece and carbon fibre braces on wing and fuselage All slots for the carbonfiber braces are laser-cut Low all-up weight even with standard components is possible. Precise laser-cutting for ultra-simple construction

- Depron lasercut parts
- Carbon
- Mountingset (very complete!)

-Span: 900mm
-Length: 949mm
-Wingarea: 25.96dmĀ²
-Mass: 170g depending on equipment

-Motor: AXi 2203/46 or Axi 2203-Race
-Controller: ESC 10 or or TB 09
-Battery: 450 2S 20C Extreme Power Batteries
-Servos: 3x EP 6.0 or JR DS318 / ES316 (or similar)

Price: € 44.95