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Graupner Modellbau is the leading German enterprise for R/C enthousiasts. They offer a full productline of anything you might want. Rplanes has put the products who could be interesting for F3P pilots on the website. If you look for any other product of Graupner just ask for more information.

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Graupner YAK55M by Gernot Bruckmann

Graupner YAK55M by Gernot Bruckmann

The famous YAK55 by Gernot Bruckmann is now available by Graupner in fancy kit version for a great price! Award winning freestyle model with Gernot for e.g. ETOC2009.

Graupner YAK55M by Gernot BruckmannMore Details
The model makes a superb indoor aerobatic aeroplane. The airframe is very light, with excellent torsional andbending stiffness thanks to the injection-moulded brace connecting piece and carbon fibre braces on wing and fuselage All slots for the carbonfiber braces are laser-cut Low all-up weight even with standard components is possible. Precise laser-cutting for ultra-simple construction

- Depron lasercut parts
- Carbon
- Mountingset (very complete!)

-Span: 900mm
-Length: 949mm
-Wingarea: 25.96dmĀ²
-Mass: 170g depending on equipment

-Motor: AXi 2203/46 or Axi 2203-Race
-Controller: ESC 10 or or TB 09
-Battery: 450 2S 20C Extreme Power Batteries
-Servos: 3x EP 6.0 or JR DS318 / ES316 (or similar)

Price: € 44.95