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Jeti model

Jeti Model was established in 1993 by Mr Jelen and Mr Tinka. Since the company was established it has aimed to produce electronic parts especially speed controllers for electric drives of all range of models. Today the company has several employees and produces under modern SMT technology.

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Jeti Model Advance 08 mini

Jeti Model Advance 08 mini

Advanced speed controller for brushless motors are designed for best results with any type of motors and accumulators. This is the mini version of the Jeti Advance 08 (lighter!)

Status: in stock

Jeti Model Advance 08 miniMore Details
Dimensions: 27 x 17 x 5 mm
Weight: 3 / 7 g (without / with cables)
Continuous current: 8 A max
Accu NiXX / LiXX: 6-8 / 2-3

- suitable for all types of accus NiCd, NiMh, Li-polymer, Li-Ion
- high frequency brake with non linear course and limited braking action
- auto calibrating type with variable end point
- cut off type - slow down system with safety rest of accu capacity
- 8 kHz switching rate
- possibility to set 2 modes
MODE 1 - normal motors (2, 4, 6 pole) maximum effeiency timing about 0 degres
MODE 2 - outrunning high pole motors (10, 14 pole) higher optimum timing for this type of motors and special software for best rotation
- possible to connect with Advance plus Prog card

Price: € 49.00

Jeti Model Eco 08

Jeti Model Eco 08

Lightweight and high quality for a "eco" price.

Status: in stock

Jeti Model Eco 08More Details
Dimensions:27 x 17 x 5 mm
Weight: 3 / 7 g (with/without cables)
Continuous current: 8 A max
Accu NiCd NiMH / LiXX: --/2-3

BEC - This provides the receiver and servos with a 5 volt supply direct from the drive battery and eliminates the need for separate battery. Please note the limitations on the number of servos given in the table Note: when using economical class micro servos, it is necessary to reduce the number servos by one. When using fast servos or digital servos, it is necessary to reduce the number of servos by two.

PCO - The Power Cut-Off system gives a safety margin during flights. As the drive battery voltage falls with use of the motor during the flight the PCO checks the value and cuts-out the motor at a point which leaves sufficient power to operate the receiver and servos for a reasonable further period of time. It also provides a small margin of power for emergency motor operation (e.g. in case of landing difficulties) which can be obtained by fully closing the throttle for at least 1 second before slowly re-opening it.

Timing – Jeti model use special system to set optimal timing for each motor. Controller is able to choose right timing independed on number of motor poles.

TOP - Temperature Overload Protection. The Temperature Overload Protection protects the drive system by cutting out the power if the controller temperature rises to 100/110 degrees C, the controller automatically switches off the power to he motor .

Price: € 29.00