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New generation brushless motors with ceramic ball bearings. CBM motors are made with high quality manufacturing.

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New brushless motor technology LRK with ceramic bearings. Especially suitable for indoor flight and F3P. His weight of 14g allows him to fly virtually all indoor F3P aircraft today; static tension between 220-240g. Its low powerconsumption allows the use of low-capacity batteries and the low Kv allows him to turn the propellers of large diameter.

CBM F3PMore Details
Weight: 14.5g
Kv: 1450 rpm / v
Max.: 6.5A
Current Cont.: 3A
Internal Res.: 0.410 Ohm
Io: 0.4A
No. of cells : 2s 7.4V
Diameter: 26.5mm
Axis: Carbon 2mm
For propellers: 7x3.5 to 8x4.3
Traction Static: 220-240g with GWS 8x4.3

Availbe week 52-2008

Price: € 49.95