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Hyperion EOS 1420i NET3 charger 1s-14s, 20A max , max 550W

EOS 0140i NET3 DC INPUT 10.5V~29V
14S Max, 550W 20A Max charge

Perfect for Hyperion G3 generation lipo's (5C charging).


Up to 14S, up to 20Amps - governed by a 550Watt maximum rating - that sums up the Hyperion EOS 1420i NET3

If you are into big electric crafts, be it fixed wing, boats or the rapidly growing 700e heli-class then the Hyperion EOS 1420i NET3 is definately for you.

A brand-new power supply technology is boosting the charging power to 550W when the input voltage is between 24V and 28V. Of course you can still operate the EOS 1420i NET3 on the typical 12V also but with less overall wattage.

Double punch
Splitting large lipo packs into more smaller packs have always been a Hyperion mantra. The Hyperion NET chargers have since 2008 been featuring a network-mode where two chargers could sync-charge two identical packs that were split during charging and assembled in series during flight. The EOS 1420i NET3 moves the bar upwards - you will dispose over 1100W in network mode with a capability of charging a 28S lipo split-pack. Big just got bigger.

How much is 550W?
It is an easy calculation - let's look at how far we will get with a 5000mAh 6S lipo pack: 6S @ 3.7V is 22.2V. Now devide 550W with 22.2V to find the Amps... = 24.77Amps. This actually exceeds the 20A limitation of EOS 1420i NET3 ensuring you the full 20Amps charging power. In other words you can charge a Hyperion G3 5000mAh 6S lipo pack at 4C - or around 15 minutes.

2 x 7S super precise 12bit balancers built in
The latest 12bit balancer circuits are built into the EOS 1420i NET3 and deeply integrated into the operation modes of the charger. These balancers are a vital safety measure that monitors the entire charging process from the time you connect the pack until your order is carried out.

The EOS 1420i NET3 is sporting all the features you have come to expect and rely on from Hyperion chargers; StoreMode, TCS-charging, lots of memory slots (actually an infinite number via the free software that allows you super-easy charger management), and all the information you could ever need.

Look at the price again
A 550W 14S charger at this price - and at this renowned quality - sounds like a calculation mistake. It is not - it is progression, innovation and dedication delivered to you by Hyperion!

Price: € 199.00