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Jazz 2.0

Jazz 2.0 is a successful successor to its now almost legendary predecessor, which meets all current technical and modern trends.
Newest model was designed with aeromusical competition in mind. This is basically 3D/aerobatic flying with music. Constructed with Depron and carbon fiber reinforcement the Jazz optimizes performance while keeping weight down to the absolute minimum. This airplane comes completely painted with all necessary hardware for completion. hardware for completion.

- CNC cut Gediplac parts
- Carbon
- Mountingset (GFK parts)

-Span: 850mm
-Length: -- mm
-Wingarea: -- dmĀ²
-Mass: 130-160g depending on equipment

-Motor: AXI 2203/RACE AXI 2203/46
-Controller: ESC 6 or ESC 10 or TB 06 or TB 09
-Battery: 300 2S 20C Extreme Power Batteries
-Servos: JR DS318 / ES316 (or similar)

Price: € 65.00