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Special / Sale Price - Donuts Vega

The VEGA is the new creation of Donuts-Models for the season 2008-2009. Designed to meet the demands of the new programs in 2009.

Status: in stock

The kit is manufactured according to quality standards of Donuts. The parts are in GEDIPLAC (new generation, more rigid) and with four-color printing (high visual quality). The cut is made with a waterjet to maintain the quality of the material.

VEGA differs from existing aircraft with a constant speed (as in flat or in descent) through the innovative use of a spoiler (assembly to choose between 45 and 60° tilt) to channel the airflow altered outside the efficiency of tail. The fins are also improved giving a greater responsiveness and stops figures even more stronger. Finally, the general stiffness allows for greater precision whatever formidable figure achieved.

- Waterjet cut Gediplac parts
- Carbon
- Mountingset

-Span: 820mm
-Length: 835mm
-Wingarea: 15.1dm²
-Mass: 95-130g depending on equipment

-Motor: AXi 2203/52
-Controller: ESC 6 or ESC 10 or TB 06 or TB 09
-Battery: 300 2S 20C Extreme Power Batteries
-Servos: 3x EP 6.0 or JR DS318 / ES316 (or similar)

Price: € 72.00
Price: € 49.00